5 Simple Things You Can Do When You Are Feeling Backed Up

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to give some tips to help you enjoy the wonderfully rich, high-carb food often found on our tables this time of year.

The Large Intestine is the outward energy of the Fall Element. Working with this meridian during the fall season will help keep your systems moving smoothly.

Everyone, from time to time, gets backed up. It could be stuck energy or toxins not leaving the body in a timely manner. There are 5 simple things that you can do to help you get back on track.

#1 Drink water

If you are not hydrated, the colon cannot process and eliminate the toxins and waste.

#2 Exercise

Moving will allow all of your energy systems to move more smoothly. Your lymphatic system removes toxins more easily when you are active.

#3 Deep Belly Breaths

Your lungs and Large Intestines have a special relationship. Filling the lower part of your lungs provides the air it needs to properly filter the toxins and other elements out of your body. This deep breath also offers much-needed energy for your colon to work correctly.

Disease cannot take hold in a properly oxygenated environment.

So often, we take shallow breaths, especially if we are afraid or have feelings of impending doom.

  • Start with your hand on your solar plexus/diaphragm. Watch your hand move outward on your next inhale as your diaphragm pushes it out.
  • Inhale, and see that it returns to its original position.
  • If you are in the habit of shallow breathing, you may feel uncomfortable until you get more proficient with deep breathing.

Energy Medicine Tips:   

#4 Hold LI11 (large intestine 11) the crease at your elbow (see picture)

  • Bend your elbow and follow the crease on the outside of your arm.
  • Place your middle finger on that point and hold it for at least 3 minutes, you can hold both arms at the same time if you like, but it is not necessary.

This acupressure point is excellent for releasing heat from the body.  Hold this point if you feel a fever from a cold or hot flashes coming on.

#5 Massage your neurolymphatics on the outside of your legs

Neurolymphatics collect toxins and stagnant energy for elimination. They need to be massaged or exercised to remove the toxins.

  • Locate the outside of your legs and find the seam of your pants.
  • Start where your hips and legs join.
  • Begin to move down your leg towards your knees and massage the area by using the seam of your pants as your guide.
  • If you find a point tender, spend a little more time massaging and stretching to clear it.
  • Usually, moving in a circular motion three times or so is enough to get the stagnant energy out of the neurolymphatics points.
  • Stop when you get to your knees.

Repeat this at least three times for the best results.



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