About Us

Welcome, I'm Lizz Naughton.

I am an Energy Medicine practitioner who specializes in helping clients achieve optimal health and well-being. My approach is holistic and includes techniques such as acupressure, chakra balancing, and BSFF to release stress and overcome pain and chronic illness.

As a seasoned practitioner of Energy Medicine, I bring a unique perspective to the field, drawing on my background in metaphysics and the esoteric teachings of Southern California's spiritual community in the mid-1980s. It was during this time that I first became fascinated with the power of the mind-body connection and the role of energy in healing and wellness.

Empower Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Personalized Energy Healing

Over the years, I have continued to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Energy Medicine, studying a wide range of modalities and techniques, including acupressure, chakra balancing, pranic healing, healing touch and reiki. I have also incorporated heart coherence techniques, Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), and the Emotion Code into my practice, which helps clients to tap into the power of their hearts and release limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

My approach is client-centered, focusing on the unique needs and goals of each individual. I work with clients to identify imbalances and blockages within their energy field, using a variety of techniques to release stress, overcome pain and promote overall well-being. I am passionate about empowering clients to take charge of their health and live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Throughout my career, I have seen the transformative power of Energy Medicine firsthand, both in my own life and in the lives of countless clients. I am honored to be able to share this powerful approach to healing with others and to continue learning and growing in my own practice."

My Story

Everyone has a unique story to tell, and mine is no different. But rather than dwelling on the hardships that have shaped me, I have chosen to learn from them and use my experiences to guide me forward. Having lived through five decades, I can now look back on my journey and see how each phase has led me to where I am today.

In the mid-1980s, I embarked on a Healer's Journey, studying with metaphysicians to hone my gifts of seeing auras and being an empath. However, at the time, I wasn't ready to commit to the healing arts and instead pursued my other passion, which was acting. But I promised myself that I would return to the world of healing when I was older.

Years later, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I knew I had the ability to help her, but I lacked the tools to do so. All I had was a deep sense of knowing and a broken heart. My mother passed away in 2005, and it wasn't until my husband and I moved to Albuquerque that my curiosity for healing was reignited.

I attended several workshops on different modalities, including William Bengston's Energy Cure and Gary Craig's Emotion Freedom Technique. These workshops changed the trajectory of my life and helped me heal from the grief I was still experiencing. I went on to become a Clinical Practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine and a practitioner of Be Set Free Fast.

Recently, I have started to use the Emotion Code to help myself and my clients clear unacknowledged feelings and events that have taken up residence in their bodies. I find this modality particularly powerful as it can also address generational pain, breaking the cycle of inherited trauma.

Now, in the next phase of my development, I am eager to share what I have learned through teaching. I feel like I have come full circle, from student to teacher, and I am excited to create workshops and online courses to help others on their own healing journeys.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I look forward to meeting you.




Clinical Practitioner and Teacher in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)

Be Set Free Fast Practitioner

Add Heart Facilitator

Pranic Healing II

Healing Touch I

Reiki I

 Additional Training:

The Benston Method

Advanced Chakras EEM