Connecting to the Feminine Energy of Winter


Protocol for Keeping the Yin Energy Balanced

The Winter Element has a feminine or inner yin side, represented by the Kidney Meridian, and the outer yang energy is the Bladder Meridian.

When the Element of Winter is balanced, you look forward to the future. When out of balance, fear takes over.

Working with the Yin energy, I find it gentle and soothing. It moves upward from the Earth and governs our inner world, which is thought of as feminine qualities: deep, intimate, and intuitive. Energetically, the Yin energy is on the left side of the body and in front. Yin energy governs chronic conditions and low temperatures.

Working with the beginning point of the Kidney Meridian or K1 allows for grounding and really brings you back into your body. You can massage and stretch to move the energy and create a better connection to the Earth. K1 is located just below the ball of the foot in the center.

Next in the Yin Protocol is spooning your feet (which I talk a lot about) also corrects your polarity if needed. You need to be grounded for your well-being, both physically and mentally. A sign that you are not adequately grounded is feeling disconnected- from yourself, spiritually, and from the people you love.

Rubber-soled shoes block your connection to the Earth. Going barefoot or in socks around the house will remedy the blocks from our shoes.

Try tapping the Gamut (EFT) or Fear point to move fear out of your body. Place your left hand on your heart and with your right hand, place two fingers between the muscles of your little and ring finger. (I always find it interesting that the Heart is brought into this technique; it is such a powerful energy system.) Tap your left hand as you think about the fear that comes to mind and that you want to release.

To complete the Yin Protocol, thump K27, the last acupressure point on the Kidney Meridian.

Working with K27 brings fresh energy up your body through the bottom of your feet (K1). Tapping K27 is like a light switch turning on the Meridians’ power to ensure energy moves forward from one meridian to the next. It also assists in communicating with other energy systems. (There are 9 in Eden Energy Medicine)

Thump or massage K27 when you feel:

  • Sluggish and need more energy
  • Unable to concentrate or retain information
  • Need an afternoon “pick me up.”

Located just below the center of the collarbone, move down about an inch on either side and feel for a dent or divot. These points might be tender, indicating that you needed to work with them. Tap, rub, or massage these points to activate the energy.



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