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Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are crystal varieties of the mineral gypsum. All types of gypsum, including selenite and alabaster, are composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, with the chemical formula CaSO₄·2H₂O.

So, what does that have to do with healing? It is well known in the Healer’s community to be one of the few purification crystals that can amplify other crystals’ power.

Do you know crystals have to be cleaned periodically? 

That’s because they absorb negativity in the space and surroundings quickly. It is recommended to run cool water over the stone or bathe it in the moonlight, but that’s not the case with selenite. Selenite is self-cleansing. A word of caution- do not wash it with water because immersing the stone can dissolve it! I would also recommend keeping your selenite stone away from your essential oil diffuser for the same reason. The diffuser may not harm the selenite, but it isn’t worth the risk, especially if the stone is your go-to for clearing unwanted energy from your body.

Selenite can also be kept anywhere to cleanse that space

Selenite can also be held anywhere to cleanse that space. I have small pieces in the corner of my energy medicine office as well as at home to help move out unwanted energy that may waft into my space from time to time.

I buy my selenite stones annually at the mineral and gem fair in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I get excellent prices on the crystals, and I have an ample supply for my clients.

Here are some examples of how I use selenite.

  • I use the egg-shaped selenite to collect pain in the body and remove it. I am trained in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), so I use it to move out not just pain but any kind of stagnant energy from the body.
  • When working on a client or my family, I use the selenite in large figure 8 patterns on the back, starting at the left shoulder and over to the right shoulder. I continue this pattern downward until I reach the bottom of the client’s feet. The client finds this to be very soothing, and it clears a lot of gunk.
  • I use the selenite wand for specific healing purposes when the body needs a different vibration or frequency to break up pain or blocked energy patterns. Along with the wand, I use a non-LED flashlight to pool light into the body; it acts like a pinpoint laser to bring in needed energy. I occasionally use a color gel with the wand to bring in a needed color or frequency. Adding a color helps influence the body differently, especially if chronic pain is involved. In EEM, pain is thought to be too much energy, so dispelling it brings balance back into the body.
  • I use selenite spheres and towers in my workspace; it helps collect and remove unwanted emotions like fear, worry, and anger.

There are a lot of other cool uses for Selenite; these are just a few and something to add to your Spiritual Toolkit if you haven’t done so already.

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