Summer Solstice 2022

Summer Solstice June 2022

Summer Slotice

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The Summer Solstice is on Sunday, June 20th. It is the longest day of the year and marks the transition from Spring to Summer. In Eden Energy Medicine, we work with nine energy systems in and around the body to create and maintain harmony and balance within the body. As we approach the Summer Solstice, working with the Earth Element- the Stomach and Spleen Meridian, and the 3rd Chakra will pack a lot of healing power during this transitional phase. How we think, feel, eat, exercise, and rest will move us closer to or further away from wholeness. Knowing how to get into balance and readjust when we notice that we are out of step is the first step in our self-healing journey. 

The Earth Element 

The Earth Element/Rhythm represents how we nurture ourselves and others. When in balance, we are loving, compassionate, and nurturing. Out of balance, we can be interfering and overly dependent on others.  Within the Earth Element/Rhythm, there are two meridians, the Stomach Meridian (yang) and Spleen Meridian (yin).


The Spleen and Stomach Meridians 

In Ancient Chinese Medicine, Meridians are energetic pathways that move through and influence the organs they are named. Our immune system, how we metabolize food, and emotions are found in the inner wisdom of the yin energy of the Spleen Meridian. Worry, our digestion, and grounding are yang energies of the Stomach Meridian.


The Chakras 

The Chakras are whirling disks or wheels of information about us located within the body from our root or tailbone to the top of our head. Each Chakra processes incoming data, bringing in fresh energy to replenish the organs found within the Chakra and sending stagnant energy out of the body into the field.


The 3rd Chakra (Hindu in origin) can be found in our solar plexus and is associated with our identity, ego, and power. Questions like “Who am I,” “What do you think of me,” and “What is required of me” are all themes associated with this chakra. As we move into the Summer Solstice, there are a few simple acupressure points that you can tap or hold to help create balance for the Earth Element.


#1 The Grounding Thump (ST2) – Located just below the center of the eye on your cheekbones, gently tap or hold when you want to feel more grounded. This can also help reduce headaches and aid in digestion. The grounding thump is also the go-to point if you find that you worry a lot. Try holding or tapping this point while thinking about something you are worried about to help move it out of your body. 


#2 3rd Chakra Harmonizing Point (CV12) Find your navel and place four fingers directly above it and in the center of your stomach.  Hold the point for no more than 2 minutes, and take slow, deep breaths as you press in gently. Working with this point once a day is all you need to bring harmony into your center and 3rd Chakra. Working with this point helps clear stagnant energy and toxins from the body and will move stuck emotions. Use this point if you have fatigue and need more power. 


#3 The Energy Point, or 3 Mile Point (ST36). Start with four finger widths below the patella or kneecap and one finger width outward or away from the shin bone. You can point and flex your foot to find the point, feel it will move up and down, and it might be tender. Hold this point on each leg at the same time if possible or one at a time for 3 minutes. This is a very powerful point for grounding; it strengthens the entire body, harmonizes the stomach, and restores your Qi (lifeforce) balance.  


Happy Solstice! 




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