Summer Solstice and the Fire Element of Summer

I can’t believe that the Summer Solstice is a week away; it’s on June 21st. Once again, we are moving into the transitional energy of the Earth Element. The Earth Element or Rhythm holds a vital place within the framework of Eden Energy Medicine, representing the way we nurture ourselves and others. When this element is in balance, we embody qualities of love, compassion, and nurturing, fostering a harmonious connection with ourselves and the world around us. However, when the Earth’s Element is out of balance, we may be interfering with our loved ones or coworkers. On the flip side, it might present as overly dependent on others.

As we move back into the gentle arms of the Earth’s energy, we take a moment to reflect on how well we have done since the Spring Equinox.

What we planted in the spring now begins to grow towards the sun and fruition. Doing a quick check inventory, let’s take a look at our relationships:

  1. have they developed into strong alliances?
  2. Do they still need more nurturing?
  3. The projects that were started in March, how have they grown and developed?
  4. What other areas of our life still need my attention?

Embracing the Summer Solstice, we can begin the next phase of our journey for 2023 by staying aligned with self-care and nurturing ourselves and others. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. As the weather gets warmer, what outdoor activities do I enjoy doing, and can I put them on my schedule so that I will honor that time?
  2. What foods can I incorporate to nourish myself, like sun-colored fruits and vegetables?
  3. Am I drinking enough water to stay hydrated?
  4. What can I do more in my spiritual practice to help me connect with my environment?

Moving into the heat of the Summer is the Fire Element; we look at matters of the heart.

Four Meridians govern the Fire Element: The Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, and Triple Warmer.

The Heart Meridian is now thought of as a “mini-brain.” It possesses a network of 40,000 neurons called “sensory neurites,” which provide a direct line of communication to the brain. What we think and how we feel matters.

The Pericardium Meridian or Circulation Sex (EEM)is the lining that surrounds the Heart for protection and support. Energetically, it also governs our circulation and is in charge of our intimate relationships.

The Small Intestine Meridian will help us digest our foods, thoughts, and emotions to support the Heart Meridian.  You will know when this meridian is not in balance if you feel cynical, loud, inappropriate laughter. No joy, or you have lost your sense of humor. Lack of self-love and nurturing also causes poor self-esteem. You find yourself saying, “Let’s go…” because you feel restless.

The Triple Warmer Meridian has two different roles in Eden Energy Medicine. The first governs our survival, the fight, flight, or freeze response, and our endocrine system, which makes it a part of our immune system. The second is a Radiant Circuit; in EEM, they are described as joy pathways or energy channels within the body that play a crucial role in maintaining happiness, enthusiasm, and overall well-being. One notable characteristic of radiant circuits is their ability to link all the body's energy systems and move between them as needed. They are often referred to by various names, such as strange flows, extraordinary vessels, psychic channels, or collector meridians. This ability to move and connect energy makes them the bridge between thought and action, allowing the intentions and desires of an individual to manifest in their physical reality.

How to balance the Fire Element of the Summer Season:

The Nine Hearts

This simple technique activates the Radiant Circuits and Heart Energy. It also connects the energy of the Chakras and wakes up the flow of joy that may have gone to sleep due to daily stress or illness. This will connect all of your yin and yang energy.

Let’s Begin:

  1. Stand in a comfortable position. Clap your hands, rub them together, and place them on your thighs.
  2. Take a deep breath in and exhale.
  3. On your next inhale, trace up the center of your body or Central Meridian with both hands until you reach the bridge of your nose.
  4. Trace a heart from the bridge of your nose to your forehead to your chin.
  5. Inhale and trace the Heart again, moving up the center of your face, to your forehead, around the outside of your face, and down to your chin.
  6. Repeat one more time.
  7. On your next inhale, move your hands to the center of your chest or Heart Chakra, and exhale.
  8. On your next inhale, using the palms of your hands, make the shape of a heart by tracing up over your chest to where your torso connects with your arms, exhale, and move your hands around your torso, down to the hip bones and rest your hands on your pubic bone in the center.
  9. Inhale and move up the center of your body or Central Meridian and trace the next heart moving in the same pattern.
  10. Repeat again, and don’t forget to breathe.
  11. For the last set of three hearts, inhale and start at your pubic bone in the center, move up your Central meridian, up the center of your face, and reach towards the heavens above you.
  12. When your hands are over your head, Inhale and turn your palm to face out. Exhale and move your hands down the outside of your body. Breathe out your mouth as you imagine you are pushing the air down.
  13. When your hands reach your sides, bend down to let your feet touch the floor in front of you.
  14. On your next inhale, trace your hands up the center of your body, starting at your feet, to the heavens, and repeat two more times.
  15. After the third heart, move up slowly and rest your hands at your heart in a meditative pose.
  16. Once you become familiar with this technique, you can improvise to make it your own.

Visit my Youtube Channel for the tutorial:@lizznaughton-whitesands

I hope you have a wonderful Summer Solstice and enjoy the simmering energies of the Fire Element!




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