Embracing the Energies of the Fall Equinox

The cool morning air brings in the subtle harbinger of Autumn. Today is the Fall Equinox. This is when both day and night are 12 hours in length. The Autumn Equinox is about setting time aside to honor this year’s harvest, whether it’s from your garden or the goals and intentions set for your life’s path.

The Seasons represent the life cycles of birth, growth, harvest, and death; each has a spiritual component that can be realigned and incorporated into our daily lives.

As we consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles, our understanding of our own cycles begins to deepen.

 The Eden Energy Medicine

 The Equinox and Solstice serve as a transition into the season. Energetically, the Earth Rhythm or Element helps to nourish and guide you into the season by asking that you eat well, get enough rest, exercise, and love wholeheartedly.

The meridians found in the Earth's rhythm are the Spleen and Stomach. When your Earth's energy system is out of balance, you may experience some of these challenges: allergies, immunodeficiency, infections, sore throats, and weight problems. Acid imbalances in the stomach, bags under the eyes, breast problems, digestive problems, and sinus issues.

Eden Energy Medicine can bring you back into balance.

 Fall Equinox Protocol
We need to be grounded energetically to the Earth for stability as well as overall health. When you are grounded, you can move through the challenges of life with more clarity. Being grounded protects you from taking on other people's issues. You know that you need to get grounded when you are feeling:
Uneasy or uncomfortable
Feeling "stuck"
Having trouble listening, learning or focusing on the task at hand

Grounding through the feet (you can test your spoon with a magnet if it holds, then use it)
We have a vortex on the bottom of the foot, which is located on K1 (Kidney 1). Kidney 1 is an acupressure point that can be found just below the ball of the foot. This point is important because it draws the Earth's energies into the body. You can massage and rub the point to open it when it feels clogged or aches (another clue that the energy is stuck).

  • To remove built-up static and stagnant energies from your body, spoon your feet. Use a figure 8 pattern or any geometric shape that feels soothing. 
  • Putting your feet in grass or sand
  • Sitting under a tree and resting your back against the trunk not only grounds you but opens you to subtle wisdom that is often left untapped.
  • Another Grounding Tip is doTERRA's grounding blend- Balance. Apply to the bottom of your feet (for best results). This oil is great for "calling your spirit back” when you feel disconnected or not in your body. Use Balance when you want inner strength and commitment.

Four thumps to bring your entire body back into coherence

There are four acupressure points you can use to help you feel centered and more balanced. They are The Stomach, Kidney 27 (K27), the Thymus, and the Spleen meridians. Each of these acupressure points has specific healing properties and can really help clear blocked energy that might be preventing the class from learning. These points can be used individually or in any order.

Grounding Thump

Thump your cheekbones directly below the center of your eyes when you are:

  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Dealing with excessive worry
  • Have digestive issues

Thump K27 when:

  • Feel drowsy and lack energy
  • Have trouble concentrating
  • Forgot what you just read
  • Have trouble staying focused

K27- to find this point, trace your collarbone to the end, close to the center of your throat. Move your fingers down the center 2 inches and out 2 inches (towards your arms) look for and find a dent on both sides of your chest. The K 27 points are usually sore, rub, or thump the sore spots.

Thump the Thymus Thump when:

  • Feel low on energy
  • Need a boost to your immune system
  • Feel tired and want to restore your strength and vitality
  • Want to relieve stress
  • Have just received a shocking news

Make a fist, and with the flat part of your hand (closed fingers and palm), thump in the center of your chest where your heart chakra is located.

Tap the Spleen when:

  • Need an energy lift
  • Suffer from a blood chemistry imbalance (i.e. Hypoglycemia or diabetes)
  • Feel faint
  • Need to reduce a fever
  • Need to metabolize toxins
  • Need to regain control and centered
  • Need to metabolize emotions

Tap underneath your armpits where your bra strap is located on your ribs, between the 6th and 7th ribs. Look for the sore spots. Tap around the sides and front up to where the sternum ends.

Hook-Up- This will help get you more centered

The hook-up calms the nervous system. These 2 points connect many of the energy systems within the body and help you feel whole.

  • Place one of your middle fingers in your belly button and the second just above the bridge of your nose or 3rd Some feel more comfortable with the point being a little bit higher, about an inch above the bridge of your nose. closer to the center of the forehead.
  • Pull up on both your belly button and head for about 30 seconds and release.

 Holding the Main Neurovascular Reflex Points for Concentration

 Neurovascular Reflex Points can be held to help change emotional and mental responses to stress. By holding the “Oh my God” points on the forehead, you are actually boosting your blood circulation, energy, and oxygen into your brain, which allows you to think more clearly and recenters you emotionally.

  • Gently place your hand on your forehead (OMG points) or lightly place your fingertips on your forehead until you feel a pulse. If you can’t feel a pulse, then hold for 1-2 minutes.

This simple technique can soothe your overall anxiety and stress, as well as help you stay focused under pressure.

 The Zip-Up

Use for protection from your environment

  • Rest your hands on the pubic bone.
  • Move both hands slowly up the center of your body until you reach your lower lip.
  • Pretending that it is a key, lock it up, and throw away the key.
  • Do the same on your back, starting at your tailbone and moving up the center of your back as far as possible. then, use your intention for the space that you can’t reach, place your hands on the back of your neck, and continue to trace the meridian to the top of your head, onto your forehead, and end at the upper lip.
  • Lock it up and throw away the key.

 Calming the Energies

Mellow Mudra- Place your thumbnails over your index finger on both hands. With your middle, ring, and little fingers, place them gently on your forehead. Place the flat side of your thumbs on your temples and hold for 1-3 minutes.

Enjoy the Fall Equinox by spending time with loved ones and out in nature.



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