Things You Can Do to Thrive During the Holidays - Week 2


“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

– Marcel Proust

 Surround yourself with quality people and have a place to go that makes you feel nurtured. 

What? Stop hanging out with people who make you feel exhausted or inadequate about yourself. Trust me; they’ll find someone else to take your place, so don’t worry about not returning their phone call.  If someone doesn’t leave you with a feeling of love and mutual respect, then they are not your friend.

During a family gathering, if you have family members who like to point out your shortcomings, spend as little time with them as necessary. Becoming whole has an element of feeling nourished by the people you spend time with and vice versa.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop or walking trail?  

If you are in the beginning stages of rebuilding your relationships, ask people you like and admire to go for coffee or a bite to eat.

It takes time to build these relationships, so give yourself the time to get to know your new friends.

If you have anxiety about meeting for the first time, try doing the Triple Warmer Smoothie:

  1. Clap your hands and rub them together
  2. Place your fingertips lightly on your eyes and feel the warmth of your fingers.
  3. Slowly drag your fingertips to your temples on your next inhale
  4. On your next exhale, slowly trace behind your ears, down the side of your neck, to the center of your collarbone, and end at your heart chakra.
  5. Repeat two more times

The Triple Warmer Smoothie calms our fight, flight or freeze instinct and will leave us feeling calm and peaceful.

 I hope that you get to experience the wonderment that the Holiday Season has to offer.

Always with love and namaste, 


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