Working with the Fall Element for Optimal Health

The Fall Season and Metal Element

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My latest adventure took me to Idaho for my nephew’s wedding and a baby show for my niece in California. The amber fields lined the roadside, and I felt grateful for the cooling temperatures as we made our way north. Fall was definitely in the air. The orange and red leaves on the trees reminded me that all things come to an end and to take in the beauty before the leaves fall and return to the earth to nourish next year’s growth.

California has its own beauty in the fall. The warm days and cool nights offer a perfect balance. Having grown up in Southern California, I noticed the subtle changes of fall taking place all around me.

There is a spiritual aspect to the season, beginning with the Fall Equinox, which allows us to enjoy the fruits of our intentions during the year and practice gratitude for our successes. When the air starts to cool, we move away from the outward activities of summer and into a more quiet, inner quality for self-reflection. Spending time with family and friends and preparing for the Holidays will finish the season before we begin our slumber after the Winter Solstice.

This time of year is special to me; everywhere I look, I am prompted to let go and take in the cleansing, chilled air to refresh me.  

Emotionally, the Fall Element governs grief and letting go. Heartache and grief will always be the barometer for how deeply we have loved someone or something. Allowing those emotions to move through us during this time will add depth and meaning as we experience the letting go process. Even if it is just a disappointment in an unrealized dream, feel the sadness and acknowledge those feelings; that will give us the courage to continue to dream.

When our energetic systems get overwhelmed or compromised, we can use techniques from Ancient Chinese Medicine, such as the 5 Elements and the Meridians, to get us back into alignment.

To start the letting go process and balance the feminine face of the Metal Element of Fall, use the Lu1 (Lung 1) meridian.

Lu1- Start with this acupressure point on both sides of the body- This is the base acupressure point and is very potent.

Start at the crease of your armpit and follow the collarbone's natural curve about three finger widths below the collarbone. This point is usually tender to the touch. Another way to find the point is to cross your arms and hug yourself with your hands resting on your shoulders, just below the collarbone, where there is a dent or hollow; look for a tender spot.

Gently rub or hold this acupressure point for three minutes. Take slow deep breaths to bring the universal energy into the meridian. It will also help with the letting go process.

This is an excellent point for grief, and if they are holding on to what they are grieving about, this is a great point to help bring the individual back into balance.

This helps relieve depression and melancholy associated with this time of year.

To trace the Lung Meridian, start at LU1, and with your hand, slowly move over the shoulder, down your arm that follows the path or alignment of your thumb, and then pull the energy off your thumb. You may want to pull the old energy off your thumb several times.



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