Your Biofield

 Your Biofield
Illness Starts in the Biofield

Your Bio Field

The essential function of the biofield in Energy Medicine has to do with keeping you healthy. It is well known amongst practitioners that illness starts in the biofield and works its way into the body. The biofield also transmits information to the chakras about the environment and the people's energy around you. With that alone, you can see how easy it is to get depleted throughout the day.

Other factors that weaken your biofield

Other factors that weaken your aura are chronic stress and illness. A sudden loss, either in a relationship or a loved one. Psychic attacks from people who do not have your best interest in mind. Negative self-talk and feelings about yourself.  How you feel about your world is incredibly important to your overall health.

How do you know if your biofield needs attention?

Overly sensitive to your environment and people
Have been sick for an extended period
The veil between the worlds is thin, and you see or sense things that seem unworldly.
Everything terrifies you, and you find that you are hypervigilant.
You have had surgery, or you have been in a bad accident.

How Do You Strengthen Your Aura? 

  1. Weave the fabric of your aura. Create large figure 8’s all around you. You can draw large figure 8’s in the air, step into them, and trace them on your body or in the field. When working with my clients, I like to use Tibetan Energy Rings, large figure 8’s from the right hip to the left foot at least a dozen times and the left hip to the right foot. Move up the body and do left shoulder to the right hip and right shoulder to the left hip. Make them larger – the left shoulder to the right foot and the right shoulder to the left foot. The Tibetan Energy Rings are incredibly soothing and act as additional protection for your aura.
  2. Expand your aura or biofield- Fluff your aura by bending over to your toes and creating a rolling motion. If you have been sick, roll or fluff the area outwards to extend your biofield. If the veil has thinned and you feel vulnerable, fluff or make a rolling motion towards yourself to bring your aura closer.
  3. Do a Hook-Up. Place one finger on your navel and the other on your third eye. If you don’t know where your 3rd eye is, find the bridge of your nose between your eyes or 1-1.5 inches above the bridge.

  Hold and take deep breaths until you feel a shift or take a natural deep breath.

  1. Wrap yourself in your favorite color or something you are attracted to in your closet. I don’t typically wear bright colors, especially when working with clients, but recently I changed three times until I got the colors right. I wore my favorite orange and fuchsia blouse to my office and felt great all day!


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